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We provide reliable, affordable services to help local businesses optimize their websites, rank their websites in the search engines, and effectively market to their customers.

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Welcome to Lynchburg SEO! We are a local marketing company whos focus is organic free targeted traffic directly from Google through search engine optimization.

We’re based out of Lynchburg, VA and own top rankings, according to Google, for SEO! We’ve got multiple websites that we regularly run tests on and maintain regular communication with colleagues in the industry. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how the search algorithm really works. Google and the search engines are always changing and no one size fits all approach will ever work!

At Lynchburg SEO, Our Mission Is Simple:
We use our digital marketing expertise to help you maintain a strong online presence, building brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales for your local business. Every day, our proven, powerful search engine optimization and precisely targeted marketing strategies help businesses maximize their revenue, with results that you can see directly on your bottom line. You can sum it up in one sentence….

Our business is your business.

From powerful lead generation strategies to results driven SEO campaigns, we are ready and qualified to get you in front of the customers you’ve been looking for and to help you grow your business.

Local Business Analysis

  • Review Current Strategy
  • Examine Targeted Keywords
  • SEO Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Winning SEO Game plan

On Site Optimization

  • SEO Friendly URL Creation
  • SEO Title & META Description
  • Structure Adaptation
  • Link Redirection
  • Winning Disavow Backlinks

Off Site Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Social Network Account Creation
  • Track Off Site Activity
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Quality Reporting

The Best Local SEO Company

More than likely you got to our page through Google or another search engine!  

If you did not, then I encourage you to search for Lynchburg SEO or SEO Lynchburg.  You will see our Google Maps listing and likely references to our website right on the first page!  

Now that you can see we are one of best local SEO experts, just imagine how your business will benefit when we can do the same thing for your business!  We provide a quality ROI, safe SEO that lasts, and reliable page 1 rankings that you can be proud of!

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Are you wondering, "How to Improve Search Engine Rankings for My Website?"

Lynchburg VA Search Engine Optimization

You may have thought about this exact question while your website was being designed, or maybe you never have thought about this question...but you should!
Since you found our website you know that we think about this question constantly!  This also means that we know the answer to this question and are able to perform effective local search engine optimization!  

We want to help you so you do not have to spend your already busy day wondering about how to get your website ranked in the search engines! Let us do it for you!

Our Local SEO Services | A Breakdown Of What We Do For You

  • Analyze and review your current website rankings so we know where we are starting
  • Evaluate the competition of other local businesses to know what they are doing so we can ensure we beat their rankings
  • Make any changes and updates to your website structure to be compliant with latest Google algorithm updates
  • Updated website content, as needed, by the best local SEO company in Lynchburg, VA
  • Review your site’s code and advise on making sure your pages are indexed properly by search engines
  • Perform numerous browser tests and speed tests to make sure your site is running at an optimum level
  • Ensure your security settings are correct to protect your website.
  • Optimize your website for proper keywords to determine buyer intent and to targeting your ideal customers
  • Build quality and safe incoming links to your site for the specific keywords you want to rank
  • Find out where your business is listed online, update and edit your directory listings, and add hundreds more to get your companies name and contact info everywhere
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly and looks great on mobile devices
  • Keep a close eye on traffic and views of your website
  • Handle your Google Website Webmaster Tools Account for xml sitemap updates, website page errors, website resubmissions as needed
  • Help you build, manage and repair your online reputation and reviews if needed
  • Improve content for more customer conversions, and advise on improve your calls to action
  • Develop additional content such as articles or blogs improve your search engine rankings to show everyone you are an expert in your industry
  • Track your website interactions, visits, and conversions so you know exactly how your website is performing
  • Report to you with measurable and accurate results so you can easily understand how SEO is working to move your business up to the first page of the search engines
Lynchburg SEO Services

You Want The Best Roanoke SEO, So Now What?

Lynchburg Search Engine Optimization

1. Analysis, Evaluation, and Planning Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Handle your Google Website Webmaster Tools Account for xml sitemap updates, website page errors, website resubmissions as needed

2. Perfect Your Website For On-Page Search Engine Optimization

We correct everything that’s not helping your site rank and clean up any messes like spammy links, or if needed, start you off with a clean slate while preserving any trust and power already created, by adapting your site’s structure, redirecting links, improving page load speed and much more.

3. Launch A Targeted Off-Page SEO Campaign

As soon as we’re working with optimized content on your optimized website, we bring on the link building, get your community rocking with social networking, and get your brand name and contact info out everywhere with business citations. And you’ll SEE MEASURABLE RESULTS in ranking with our regular reporting and ongoing backlink analysis and adjustments.

A Few Answers To Common SEO Questions (FAQs)

What is SEO?

"SEO" stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are millions of searches for the term SEO every single day on Google, so it makes sense to understand what it actually means. When we do SEO for your website and business it means crafting, designing, and optimizing your website and other sites that link to your website in just the right way so that the search engines, like Google, show your website to people when they do searches that relate to your business. There are a few key areas that relate specifically to proper SEO. These are having high quality content on your website, utilizing the proper keywords and references on your website, and creating relevant links to your website from other high quality websites on the internet.

How Does SEO work?

Search engines analyze many different areas of a your website. On-page SEO means optimizing your content so that it provides those search engines what they are looking for. This is done by optimizing and crafting your website’s content, images, media, blogs, speed, user experience and more. Off-page SEO is about optimizing elements that are not directly on your website. This could mean backlinks, social profiles, other websites linking to your website, and articles discussing your product or business. Search engine optimization must include quality on-page and off-page optimizations to be the most effective.

How Long Does It Take To Rank On Page One In Google?

This is a common question people have when they are researching SEO for their website. Anyone who gives you a black and white answer is not telling you the truth! Honestly, it depends on many factors for how long it will take for your website to rank on page one in Google. For instance, if you were making a website about a topic that no one else in the world had created a website about, then it would not take very long. On the other hand, if you were making a website about a topic about how to buil a website, then it would take much longer, as there are millions of other websites on the same topic. At the end of the day though, the process and steps to ranking on page one of Google is the same no matter what your website is about. It all comes back to having a website with quality content, proper design and optimization, and high quality links from other websites. To sum it up, the time it takes can vary greatly, but as long as you have quality SEO (see above), the end result with be the same!

Why Hire An SEO Expert?

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you searched on google and had to go to page two, three, or farther to find the information you were looking for? Google and the other search engines are designed to give you the most accurate information as quick as possible. Even if you have the best product available, if your business is on one of lesser pages of the search engines, chances are no one is even seeing your site! This is why you hire an SEO expert. You want someone who knows what they are doing to come beside you and have the same passion for your business and website that you do! The difference is, this persons entire goal is ensuring others can see your business and website, so that you can focus on running your business. You know how to run your business, we know how to rank your business in Google maps and one page one. It's the perfect match!

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO Lynchburg VA

You may see the value in SEO, and you may know you need SEO, so now you are wondering, how much does SEO cost?

Unfortunately, that is a difficulty question that can only be answered on a case by case basis.  The price of SEO is based on a number of factors.  It is an investment, not a product.  The end goal of SEO is for your investment to generate returns that far outweigh the investment!

Areas That Contribute To The Cost Of SEO

  • Is the SEO need a one time project, an update, or on-going growth?
  • What is the size of the business?
  • What is the size of the target market?  Is it a small town or a big city?
  • Are you trying to market locally, regionally, or nationally?
  • How optimized is your website for your location, product, and business? Do you need a new website?

If you are ready to move your website, Google Maps, and your business into the spotlight on Google and the other search engines then click below and contact us to get started! We are ready to go!